Animal Friends at the Campsites on the Bibbulmun Track

At most of the campsites along the track one expects to share accommodations with possums and rats with the reputation of raiding the food supplies of unsuspecting hikers. There are however some other animals that have taken up residence at some of the campsites.

You can expect to cross paths with the resident snake at Schafer campsite. Apparently this snake  resides in an old sunken well  to the right of the hut. Fortunately the snake didn’t make itself known to us but there is enough warning at the hut alerting hikers to the snakes whereabouts.


At Giants campsite another snake dwells underneath the sleeping platform. There is a hole at the rear of the hut where the snake travels in and out. Even though we didn’t sight the snake it certainly had us looking over our shoulder.


Frogs gather at Boat Harbour campsite and cause no harm to anyone but with their night time croaking can keep weary hikers awake longer than they wish.


The bandicoot at Torbay camp doesn’t give you time to get your pack off before appearing to welcome you. It scurries around in the hope of a morsel of food hitting the deck so it can enjoy a feast.


As daylight fades an owl can be spotted perched on a post at Sandpatch camp. We were startled but the wise old owl clearly was not perturbed by us the intruders.


If you are hiking in these sections keep an eye out for these creatures and enjoy  observing them in their natural habitat.

Until next yarn, happy hiking



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